Railway Consultancy

DeviMaaShakti Constructions & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (DCCL) offers the following services in the pre-construction technical consultancy of railway infrastructure:

Analysis of Traffic and Planning of Transport Infrastructure

Study of Feasible Alternate Arrangements

Pre-tendering Services For Submission of Bids

Traffic Survey and Selection of Optimum Routes

Selection of Serving Rail Head and Junction Arrangement

Planning System of Working and Train Operations

Planning System of Loading and Unloading Operations

Cost-benefit-analysis of Rail Projects

Cost-benefit-analysis of Rolling Stock Investment Schemes

Pre-Feasibility Study & Preparation of Conceptual Plans

Preliminary Survey & Preparation of Feasibility Reports

Detailed Survey and Preparation of Detailed Project Reports

Obtaining Project Approvals from the Concerned Authorities

Detailed Engineering

Project Management Consultancy

Construction Supervision, Quality Control And Inspection