Operation & Maintenance of Industrial Railway Systems

As a pioneer in the operation and maintenance of industrial railway systems, DeviMaaShakti Constructions & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (DCCL) undertakes the following activities in the operation and maintenance of industrial railway infrastructures:

Pre-Commissioning Stage

Operations Strategy and Basic Design Review

System Design Review

Operation and Maintenance Mobilization and Related Manpower Resource

Inspection, Testing and Commissioning


Post-Commissioning Stage

Maintenance of Track

Ballasted Track

Ballast-less Track

Points and Crossings

Level Crossing Gates

Maintenance of Overhead Equipment (OHE)


Power Supply Installations – Traction Sub-Stations, SSPs, SPs, FPs etc.

Operation and Maintenance of Remote Control Center – SCADA

Operation and Maintenance of Diesel Locomotives

Diesel Electric Locomotives

Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives

Locomotive Sheds

Re-Railing Equipment

Operation and Maintenance of Rolling Stock

Ladle Car Bogies

Examination of Wagons

Operation and Maintenance of Railway Signalling & Telecom

Relay Interlocking

Electronic Interlocking

Centralised Traffic Control (CTC)

Electrically Operated Lifting Barriers

Optic Fiber Communications

Quad Cable Communications

Operation & Maintenance of Metro Railway Systems

In response to the dramatic rise in the number of metro rail projects in India, DeviMaaShakti Constructions & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (DCCL) offers the following services in the operation and maintenance of metro railway infrastructure:

Pre-Operations Stage

Operation Strategy and Overall Design Review

System Design Review

Operation and Maintenance Mobilisation

Assistance in Preparation of Manuals

Maintenance Manuals for Track, OHE, PSI, S&T etc.

Train Operation Manuals

Emergency Management Manuals

Assistance for Recruitment of Metro Personnel

Training of Personnel in conjunction with foremost training providers in Metro Railway Operation & Maintenance

Signalling – CBTC, CATC, ATP, ATO, ATS etc.

Telecom – Train radio systems, TETRA, AFC, CCTV etc.

Track Engineering – Ballast-less Track, Elevated Structures, Depot Yards etc.

Electrical – OHE, PSI, HVAC, SCADA, General Electrical etc.

Rolling Stock – Driving Cars, Trailing Cars and Shunting Locomotives

Inspection, Testing and Commissioning


Pre-Operations Stage

Train Operations & Station Control

Supply of Train Operators/Train Controllers

Supply of S&T Engineers for OCC

Supply of Station Controllers

Monitoring of Train Arrival & Departure

Monitoring of Crowd Control

Station Management

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of Track


Points and Crossings

Inspection Lines

Washing Plant Lines

Workshop Lines

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of Civil Structures

Service Buildings

Station Buildings

Platform Areas

Public Areas

Maintenance of Rolling Stock

Motorized Cars

Non-Motorized Cars

Shunting Locomotives

Workshops & Related Equipment

Operation & Maintenance of Depots and Equipment

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of 25 KV AC Installations

Catenary & Contact Wires




All Other Overhead Equipment

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of Power Supply Installations & VAC

Traction Sub-Stations & Sub-Sectioning Posts (SSPs)

Other Power Supply Equipment

General Electrical Systems

SCADA Systems

Air Conditioning of Stations & Other Places

Yard Lighting

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of Signalling Systems


Electronic Interlocking

Indoor Equipment

Outdoor Equipment



Track Circuits

Axle Counters

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of Telecom Systems

Train Radio Systems

TETRA Radio Terminals

AFC Systems

Passenger Announcement Systems & Display Systems

Centralized Clock Systems

Train Destination Indicators

Telephone Exchanges

Optical Fibre Cable