Construction of Railway Sidings

As a provider of concept-to-commissioning services, DeviMaaShakti Constructions & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (DCCL) offers the following services in the construction of railway infrastructure:


Earthwork and Formation

Laying of Track

Laying of Points and Crossings

Construction of Bridges and Culverts

Installation of Level Crossing Gates


Railway Electrification

Design of Railway Electrification Arrangements

Foundation and Erection of Masts

Erection and Commissioning of all OHE components

Installation of SCADA

Erection of Power Supply Installations


Signalling and Telecom

Design of Signalling and Interlocking

Installation and Commissioning of Railway Signalling – Relay Interlocking and Electronic Interlocking

Interlocking of Level Crossing Gates with Electrically Operated Lifting Barriers

Laying and Commissioning of Optic Fiber Communications

Laying and Commissioning of Quad Cable Communications


Civil Structures

Construction of Station Buildings

Construction of Locomotive Sheds

Construction of Gate Lodges